ways to earn extra income as a mom

Ways to Earn Extra income as a Mom

The economy is getting tougher, so most women are looking for how to earn more to pay bills or even to save for one thing or the other. I was in your shoes, that is what prompted me to write this post; ways to earn extra income as a mom.
Thinking through what to do and managing your family or work at the same time can be honestly challenging (speaking from experience). So, relax and take the ride with me!

Here are 7 Proven Ways to Earn Extra Income as a Mom

Babysitting service

This is one of the best ways mothers can earn extra cash because they are doing what they’re familiar with. However, it is more work, of course, you make $12 to $15 per hour. All you need is your sitting room. You can take one or two kids depending on your capacity. Talk to your friends and neighbours to know who needs your service and charge hourly. If you can babysit over the weekend or take care of kids while parents go for a date, that will be nice. Have it in mind not to take many children unless you will get the license. Get all the requirements for registration with the government if you wish to expand.


The benefit of blogging is that you will earn from affiliate marketing and Google Ads and sponsors. You can also write at any time, all you need to do is to schedule your post ahead and be consistent. You will write at least 10 to 15 posts before monetizing your blog. Furthermore, with blogging, patience is very important. It may take 6 months to one year before you start making a reasonable amount of money, but you will enjoy the reward for a long time. Choose a topic you’re passionate about, set up a website, and start your blogging journey. You will be surprised at how much extra cash you can earn from this.

How to turn your passion into profit


Ghostwriters are making money through freelancing. You simply write a book for a client and get paid for the writing. The client has full credit for the work. Freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork have made it easy to get clients without leaving your home. Ghostwriting is another way for women to earn extra income. You can write children’s books, public speeches, fiction, online content, etc. Also, a ghostwriter can earn $100 to $5,000 per project depending on the type of genre. Use your talent and earn extra money.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor that offers administrative services from the home office but has access to necessary documents remotely. You can earn extra money by scheduling administrative appointments, making phone calls, and making travel arrangements. Some companies may require you to specialize in social media management, blog writing, bookkeeping, or marketing. Having experience will make you stand out in this. So, if you have done any of the aforementioned, be sure to include it in your resume.


Do you speak another language very well? If yes, you can earn extra money by translating. You can get your clients from freelancing websites. You will get paid to translate documents from the comfort of your home.

Etsy shop

Etsy is the home of crafts. Creating unique items/designs like costume T-shirts, gift cards, pieces of jewellery, stickers, and digital designs is an amazing way to earn extra income as a mom.

. Etsy helps small business owners like you to grow their business so, you can take advantage of it. Create and post the items. You will also need to market your product by posting on social media. Moreover, you are responsible for shipping when there is a purchase.

Recipe writing/videos

If you enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, you can start writing or making videos, and use them to earn extra money. In addition, doing what you have a passion for, gives a high level of inward satisfaction. People search for a recipe to make home food or to improve their cooking skills, let us learn from you.

Sell online course

Mothers that have an educational background or worked as a teacher can use the experiences to create an online course for additional cash. Choose a subject that you are good at and do extensive research on it. Write the course outline and create the content. You can sell your course to Udemy, iSpring market, or Thinkific.

Take away
Success and hard work go hand in hand. You will succeed if you put in the effort. Be determined and consistent. Don’t overthink to be perfect, but make room for improvement. Whatever you choose to do, start now.

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