I’m a mom of two lovely kids, a Top Rated Virtual Assistant on Fiverr and a Blogger. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when you are working full time and you have a family to take care of. At least, that’s how I felt for a very long time.
Some years ago when I was living in the city of Lagos, I use to leave my home at 5 am and spent approximately 3 hours in hectic traffic before I could get to work. I’ve always wondered how I will be able to cope when I finally have my own kids. This eventually led me to discover online businesses.
I have been blogging for a few years now however, I started a virtual assistant business during the lockdown in 2020 when my last child was just 6 months old and within a few months, I was making triple of what I was paid working a full-time job.
I started this blog to document my journey as a stay-at-home mom and to connect with moms like me who would like to earn money online from the comfort of their own homes while taking care of their kids.