How to invest 5,000 naira

Transform 5,000 Naira into a Wealth-Building Investment in Nigeria

Has anyone ever told you that you can start investing in a Nigerian money market fund with just 5,000 Naira? While there are many mutual funds you can begin with this amount, the money market fund stands out due to its low-risk nature.

Money market funds are a type of mutual fund that invests in low-risk securities such as treasury bills, commercial papers, and certificates of deposits. Here are the key advantages of investing in a money market fund:

Advantages of Investing in a Money Market Fund

  1. Low Risk: Your money is invested in low-risk securities, making it a safe option.
  2. Higher Returns: Money market funds typically offer returns between 17% to 19%, which is significantly higher than what you would get from a regular savings account.
  3. Liquidity: These funds are highly liquid. You can redeem your money in the morning, and by the evening, it will be in your account. I’ve even redeemed funds at 11:00 AM and had the money in my account by 1:00 PM.
  4. Low Minimum Investment: With just 5,000 Naira—the price of a bottle of beer—you can start investing today.

Steps to Start Investing with 5,000 Naira

  1. Choose Your Fund Manager: Research and select a fund manager. Some reputable ones in Nigeria include FBNQuest, ARM, Stanbic, and GT Fund Managers. I’ll leave links to their websites below for your convenience. You can also visit any of their branches to express your interest in a money market fund.
  2. Provide KYC Information: You’ll need to fill out a form and provide some Know Your Customer (KYC) information, such as your BVN (Bank Verification Number).
  3. Set Up Direct Debit: If you receive regular payments, such as a salary, consider setting up a direct debit. This way, a fixed amount is automatically invested from your account regularly. For example, if you’re paid on the 30th of each month, you can set up a direct debit for the 2nd of every month.
  4. Monitor Your Investments: Once registered, request login information for your fund manager’s app. This will allow you to monitor your investments and watch them grow.

Maximizing Your Returns

The interest rate on money market funds varies depending on your fund manager but generally falls between 17% to 19%. If you invest 5,000 Naira, you could earn around 900 Naira per year, assuming the rate remains constant. While 75 Naira per month may seem small, the key is to consistently top up your investment for higher returns.

My advice is to reinvest any interest earned. Avoid the temptation to check your investment daily; instead, monitor it weekly to ensure your money is growing.


Investing in a money market fund is a smart way to grow your wealth with minimal risk. Start with as little as 5,000 Naira and watch your money grow over time.

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Links to fund managers’ websites

Note: Always do thorough research or consult a financial advisor before making investment decisions.

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