How I started making money from writing as a first time mom

Congratulation! You are now a mom. I can imagine how happy you feel looking at your cutie with all the responsibilities that come with motherhood, you are keeping strong. Well done!

I didn’t know how difficult it is to work as a new mum till I was fully in the situation. I would have planned to make some cash online, but I wasn’t proactive enough.

It can be very exciting doing what you love at your pace, but making money out of it as a first-time mum makes me feel great. 

Are you a first-time mum? Are you interested in making cool cash?  Can you write? If yes, then you are in the right place. From my experience which I will share with you in this post, you can be making your money while taking care of your adorable baby from the comfort of your home. 

How it all started    

I figured out I could write when I was 10 years. Growing up, I wanted to pursue other dreams before going into writing. At school, I entertained my coursemates with short poems. That kept the dream alive. 

When I got pregnant was when coronavirus heated. Being someone who hardly stay idle, it was difficult staying home despite the joyous expectation. 

I intended to work till the mid-trimester because not making money is one thing I’m not cool with. How could I have known I was to be idle the whole pregnancy journey? In all that, it was a struggle to go out daily as a new mother. I was home till my baby was six months.

The work I did for a few months. Fast-forward to when my baby was six months. I started work that took my 11 hours with little pay.

It was a tough time, I must confess. I was always apologizing to my little one with a lot of guilt. At some point, I decided to quit and search for opportunities. I got another job, but the work was even worse than the first, I resigned.

I brainstormed and tried much online stuff but end up being frustrated. Not only that, but I felt stuck. I had to take a time off.

How started writing and earning online

One day I decided to write my frustrations in detail to pass time and lessen my anxiety. That was how I remembered I can write. I spoke to a blogger. She encouraged me to take a course on hubspot which did.

I took up an internship immediately to put what I was learning into practice. The second month, I started writing and charging per word.  

That is how the whole situation changed for good.


Making a tangible income as a freelance writer is very possible and I am speaking from experience. Take the first step today and see success for yourself, it’s worth the try. Chose a course and plan how you wish to take them.

If I did it, you can also do it even better.

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