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7 Reasons Why you Should Become a Minimalist

Minimalism is a lifestyle that emphasizes simplicity. It’s the culture of sparing what is not needed. Minimalists own what is necessary. It teaches that needs should be your priority. If it is not needed, you don’t spend on it. It is the concept of finding satisfaction in owning less. Let’s discuss 7 reasons why you should become a minimalist and steps to take towards becoming one.

Many of us have been minimalist one way or the other. I have always been a minimalist when it comes to fashion. I don’t go with trends, so my fashion is never outdated. But that is a tiny part of minimalism.

7 Advantages of Becoming a Minimalist

1. Budgeting: it helps you take budgeting seriously. A minimalist is always on a budget because you don’t spend on everything nice stuff you come by. You spend solely on what is necessary. If I budget $300 a month for groceries, my mind will be on that, so I don’t overshoot my budget. Being a minimalist has taught me that budgeting is as important as earning a living.

2. You live for yourself: we unconsciously place ourselves in competition. Simplicity helps you run your race at your pace.  You will be off the hook of living to impress others. One thing I have come to understand is if someone loves you, he will appreciate everything about you, that including how you choose to live. If there is a condition, then you have to let go. You declutter every aspect of your life.

3. You focus on what is significant:  you focus on what you love and spend on it. My priority is family and friends, but I had no time for them. I discovered many things had my attention. I took the first job, but the money wasn’t enough, so I took the second job. Then I realized that my expenses has gone up too. I had to give it critical thought. I changed my apartment and did all financial adjustments necessary.  Furthermore, I dropped one job and to my surprise, I still save a tangible amount of money. Today, I can afford to have a vacation, share a memorable time with my loved ones.

4. Living an organized life: coming into your house to see everything is in place, have this satisfaction that comes with it. Minimalism will teach you how to be organized in every aspect of your life. You will stay organized both physically, mentally and financially. Giving each item a specific place makes it easy to see through everything in a glance. Therefore, it is now easier to clean up my house.

5. An average minimalist is a planner: planning is a skill I had to learn and put into practice on the journey of simplifying my life. I plan meals monthly. It saves time and money. Also, I plan what will wear throughout the week ahead.

6. It saves money:  you will not realize how much you spend on things that give you short time happiness. Minimalism will make you realize that. Simplifying your life will save a lot of financial trouble. The less unwanted stuff you acquire, the more money you save. Furthermore, you can decide to sell off some things you don’t use as you declutter, which will turn into more money in your bank

7. It saves time:  the time spent on shopping and cleaning is reduced. Going to places you don’t enjoy is completely cut out. You now use the time to do more productive things that you enjoy. I was a  TV addict. I watched anything that comes up, but I have channelled that time to writing. You see, I have become more productive.

How to become a minimalist

  • Reflect on your life: Have you been living by yourself, or do you let what the world and people  around you think dictate your actions? If yes, it’s time to make a change. Look through your mind and environment and see where you need to declutter first. Identify what gives you stress and check how much you can do without them.
  • Define what is important to you:  when I became a minimalist, I discovered what is most important to me wasn’t things I own, but the time spent with family and friends. Most times what we see around us, on television and social media ends up defining our lives for us. Society tells us we require the latest gadgets and brands that that is how to live a happy life, but in my case, I did give everything my definition. That works for me. Having time to check on people make me happy. It’s weird to some people, but that’s me. Taking care of people and seeing them happy is calming. Discover yours and make it a priority.
  • Organize your stuff: properly arrange your things. Each should have an assigned space. It makes it easy to find when next you need it.  This method helps your things to be tidy at all time, saving you stress and time of arranging.
  • Choose a place to declutter: Start somewhere. I started with my wardrobe. There were lots of clothes that I have not worn for two years and more. It was a good place to start. I cleared them before the blink of an eye. You are learning to let go to feel the life of freedom. I check my house monthly. What I don’t use for long is not permitted to take up space. I clear it at once. Space up!
  • Observe how you feel about decluttering: One of my friends came to my apartment when I was clearing up and decided to give it a try. The first time wasn’t easy.  After some days of decluttering, she was busy searching for what she had donated. I suggest you keep the items you cleared away in a safe place while you observe.  If you feel peaceful, then you can go ahead to donate or sell them off.
  • Make a list before you go shopping: I love making a list, it gives me time to check what is not available and think through everything I need before making a purchase. It helps me to make a budget and focus on things I require.
  • It is common to buy things you didn’t plan for, but the list will surely keep you on a guide. There is no way you will need vegetables for dinner and use the money for a nail cutter. Basic things come first, and a list will be a great help.
  • Remind yourself each day why you want this lifestyle: write out why you think minimalism is the best for you. And take a look at it each morning to help you stay focused. Minimalism will help you to live a more organized, stress-free and more fulfilling life.


Minimalism is freedom. Being at peace and happy makes life enjoyable, and that is what I enjoy as a minimalist. Many of us have some avoidable worries.

We are consuming more than necessary, and this lifestyle will help us to put that in check. Channelling your strength to what you enjoy is the main goal. Thinking of saving more, living a happy, stress-free and simple lifestyle, try being a minimalist.

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